For a recovering addict, staying sober during the holiday season can be very stressful situation. For them, maintaining their sobriety is considered to be a great challenge. They might be seeing other celebrating during the holiday season and at that time they might not be able to control themselves from their triggers. In this regards, drug rehab centers states that a recovering addict with the help of some coping mechanisms can easily abstain themselves from drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

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Preparing for Holiday Season

Holiday season is all about vacationing with friends or it simply calls for relaxation. However, drinking or consuming any other substance in front of a recovering addict can make a bad impact on them.  Well, if you don’t want to complicate the whole situation and ensure your loved one stays clean and sober, all you will need to do is to follow some simple steps.

Steps to Remain Sober

According to drug rehab centers here are few tips that can help a person to remain sober during holidays. They are:

  • Keep Things Straight with Family and Friends

Even if some people may not welcome the idea of holiday season without any drinks, but it would be better if one is having friends who is considerate enough.

  • Saying Thank You 

On not providing alcohol during the holiday season, one might come across with a shower of criticism. The simple way to deal with such untoward advice is responding with a simple ‘Thank You’ again and again.

  • Take a Breatherdrug rehab centers

The best way to remain distracted from the temptation of alcohol or drug is going for a walk with your dog. It can help a recovering addict to mentally regroup oneself and deal with the next situation in a better way.

  • Signing Out Loud

If the family gatherings and activities take a tool on a recovered addicts mind, drug rehab centers states that best would be to take small break. During the break one can sing their favorite song or count 100 backwards. The mental shift can help one to relax in a better way.

  • Being Prepared

Family members can help a recovering addict to be a part of any debate. Discussion on new movies or any fun facts can be made. It can help to get rid of any tense situation and helping the person avoids feeling sad

  • Finding Silver Lining

Drug rehab centers opines in order to help a person stay sober and remain away from the thought of drinking, God  can be thanked for providing them food and shelter. It can help the addict to stay away from stress or anger.

  • Plannin

Family gatherings can get over within a few hours. But if other wants to extend the time, one should simply decline it. You can simply say it won’t be good for your partner.

Opening the bottle of wine in front of a recovering addict is not a good idea. Hence, drug rehab centers states that families should have the responsibility to create an environment so that the recovered person doesn’t fall for any kind of temptation.