Cannabidiol or CBD is considered as one of the effective medicine for treating pediatric disorders that are less responsive to traditional therapies. It is generally found in the cannabis plant as a non-intoxicating compound. Any medicines or pills prepared from the cannabis plant have shown significant results in ailing illness. After the legalization of cannabis farming from the US Farm Bill, the CBD has become trendy with time. The demand for cannabidiol contained products like ointments, capsules, oils and tinctures have been increased in the market, which leads to rapid production and expansion of CBD-based products, which makes it easy to buy cannabis online or from nearby dispensaries or even get a prescription for medical consumption within the United Kingdom.

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Cannabidiol has shown extremely positive results in treating various diseases such as diabetes, depression, chronic pain, head trauma, neurodegenerative diseases and addiction. Due to its tremendous promising results, some people prefer cannabis oil for cancer treatment along with other treatments.

However, with the effective increase in the demand and supply of these products, it has become a profitable business for certain shady people. Multiple operators have started selling cannabidiol illegally in a huge disorderly grey market. Due to this reason, manifold misinformation has been spread related to these revitalizing cannabinoids. According to Project CBD, a non-profitable enterprise, which is boosting the effective usage of cannabidiol in the area of medical science has compiled a wide list of negative misconceptions that CBD carries with it in the minds of the people. Conversely, small doses of THC when combined with CBD can show improvement in the effectiveness of the medicines prepared from the cannabis plant.

How can THC become TLC to boost the efficacy of the CBD?

Initially, it was examined that cannabis had a far much lesser concentration of THC. Nowadays, it carries much more concentration of THC and CBD compounds. In recent years, breeders have certainly understood the factors to increase the potential of CBD medicines. They need to maximize the THC output for getting effectively potential medicines.

Established in the year 2009, Project CBD has recognized the efficacy of CBD in medical science. The organization was found at the time when the cannabis gene pool was completely deprived of CBD. The founders of this firm have multiple shreds of evidence for CBD effectiveness than THC, which was unable to fulfil the actual medical needs of the patients properly. So, the members of this organization worked with Cannabis Labs located in California to search the remaining CBD-rich strains in the cannabis plant so that they can be available for the researchers, growers and patients.

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How useful can be the cannabis plant in medical science?

The scientific research of the whole plant shows that the entire cannabis plant provides more quantifying results than a single compound from the plant. As the plant is a complex mixture of terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids, they can form an “entourage effect” when interacted with these compounds synergistically which can result in enhancing the therapeutic effects of every compound.

  • A study conducted in 2010 discovers that cancer patients suffering from intractable pain can get bearable medicines that are formed by CBD and THC such as cannabis oil for cancer treatment.
  • California Pacific Medical Center located in San Francisco has found in a conducted study that the combination of CBD and THC produces highly effective anti-tumour effects in a test performed on breast cancer or brain cancer cell lines rather than using a single compound. So, using cannabis oil for treatment can show fruitful results if taken on a doctor’s prescription.